Friday, 15 April 2016

Welcome. Grab some tea. Sit. Read. Enjoy.

Do you ever have moments when there are so many thoughts going through your head that you have a hard time sorting them out. Your attempts to explain them to your partner, who has a much less complicated formula within the system of his brain, result in a sideways look as if to say, "Are you ok, dear?" Welcome to my life. Every single day. I live in a complicated world, where emotions peek a little higher & lower than average, decisions are impossible, curiosity gets the best of me & expectations are difficult to live up to. Yet, I wouldn't trade who I am for the world....because with these challenges come passion, ideas, creativity, love & growth with depth like no other.  I know there are people like me out there (including the few I have met & clung onto with my life so that I can convince myself that everyone else are the weird ones). If they are you, hi there.

So, in light of my love of writing & taking photos, along with the need to sort my thoughts, here I find myself blogging. Putting myself out there. I won't lie, only half hour ago I asked the almighty google if you need a purpose to write a blog. A few strategic clicks later, I decided I am interesting, deserving & brave enough to host my own blog...purpose or no purpose. With a little more thought, I conclude, that perhaps the purpose of this blog shall be to find a purpose for this blog. Who knows, I just might have something to say...

In the meantime, enjoy my random ramblings centred around of my keeping-it-real life, where I will write about motherhood, photography, health, relationships, woos & woes of the world, & whatever else tickles my fancy.

I leave you with a little glimpse into the chaos of my life - as real as it gets....more on this later. ;)

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  1. if you think it...thousands of others have thought it too...

    so proud of you Jess! keepin' it real!